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Ministry Coordinators

Our Ministry Coordinators
Plan to Protect - Laura Funk
Women's Ministry - Tanya Sawatzky
Men's Ministry - Greg Sawatzky
Care Groups -
     Care Group Leaders
           Mike and Chantelle MacIntyre
Senior Youth - Nick Inder
Sunday School - Leanne Harrison
Vacation Bible School - Jill Haight
Nursery - Theresa Sawatzky
Quizzing - Eric & Jireh Weiseth
AWANA - Al and Karyn Haggart
Library - Rebecca Janzen
Prayer Ministry - Paula Sardinha and Darlene Borisenko
Missions - Nathan Epp
First Impressions Ministry - Fred Hetttinga
Kitchen & Hospitality - Lily Sawatzky
Music Ministry - Ty McKenzie and Lenna Rutherford
Tech Ministry - Braden Jago