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Care Groups

The First Century Church was primarly made up of small groups.  This early version of the church was an important way for the believers to fellowship, pray together and to disciple one another (see Acts 2:46).  Today, our Care Groups are important in the same way.  They are a place where we can do the following: get to know people on a more personal and intimate basis; to mentor and be mentored; to exercise our spiritual gifts; to encourage and uplift one another; to study the Bible and pray for one another; to serve as an outreach ministry to others in the church and commmunity; and where we can fellowship together as a family of believers and seekers.  This is in line with our Church's Mission and Purpose statement.

We encourage as many as possible to get involved in a Care Group where you can grow, get to know other believers, and minister to one another.  If you are interested in leading or hosting a Care Group, please contact the church office at 931-4414.