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Designated Funds

Our Designated Funds

We have several opportunities to give to different "Funds".  Some of these are designated to specific projects and others are for more general use for the church.  Here are some of our Designated Funds to which you can direct your donations:

1.) General Fund: Any loose plate collection and cash donated in unmarked envelopes is automatically designated to this fund which takes care of the day to day function of our church (utilities, office supplies, janitorial needs, ministry expenses etc.)

2.) Global Advance Fund: All money marked for the GAF Fund is forwarded to our National Office in Toronto and is used to support our 200+ international workers.

3.) New Ventures: Formerly called "Canadian Ministries", all money marked for the New Ventures Fund is forwarded to our local district office (The Canadian Midwest District) and is used to support the local churches and local church mission work.

4.) Benevolent Fund: All monies marked for this fund are used by Avalon Alliance Church to help both our Church Family Members and those in the community at large, who find themselves in need of assistance to meet basic needs in an emergency situation. 

5.) Special Offerings: This Fund is set up for some long term fundraisers (such as the District Women's Special Project, and our Bursary Program) and for short term Emergency Funding (like assisting the local church in Fort MacMurray after the fire, flooding assistance, Tsunami relief, earthquake relief etc) at home, in our country and around the world.  In order for this money to be designated to a Special Offering, simply write the fundraiser name on this line (ie: Bursary, Refugee etc).  Any money designated to this line, but not marked for a current project will be designated to the District Women's Special Project.