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    Thought for the Week

    “How can a young man keep his way pure?  By living according to your Word.” Psalm  119:6

    With recent weather events, it seems as though spring will never come to these parts.   After all, it is already April and there is still snow falling and we are experiencing sub zero temperatures which are not normal for our area.  But, in spite of the apparent hindrances,  many of us are already dreaming and scheming as to what should go in our gardens this summer.   In fact, some have started seeds indoors which have already sprouted, causing even more anticipation for warm soil under foot and a hot sun on the back.  With these plans come the expectations of what we will harvest later this summer and fall.  The  potential bounty brings hope that the winter snow will finally go on its way, and that the temperature will, in deed, go up!  The downside, of course, is we tend to forget about the weeding, tending, watering, and work that goes into maintaining a garden so that it will produce a good crop.

    Prepping and planning a garden can be like our walk with God, or more to the point, the development of   continue reading

    For More Information

    Women’s Retreat: We are excited to announce our theme of "Momentum" for the upcoming women's retreat at Shekinah. Come join us April 20th-22nd and be part of a conversation about how to move from where we've been to where God wants us to go! Cost is $160.00 or $135.00 for students. Plan now to attend!  Brochures are now available.